Self Care So Not Easily Tired While Working

Self Care So Not Easily Tired While Working – Quickly feeling tired while doing work is something that certainly has been felt by workers, to be able to reduce fatigue you can do some self-care.

Which of you often runs out of energy while working? In the morning, you are still in good spirits, but in the afternoon your energy decreases, your enthusiasm decreases, and your body becomes tired. As a result, you are lazy to work.

Feeling tired and fatigued while working is a normal thing, but what happens if you feel tired all the time even though there are lots of work, deadlines are approaching, and other work is waiting to be completed. Surely that is a challenge in itself right? So, so that your energy doesn’t get drained quickly while working, you can do the following five self-care.

1. Maintain ornamental plants

You like plants? There is nothing wrong with maintaining ornamental plants and then placing them on the work table. Maintaining ornamental plants such as mini cacti, succulent plants, terrariums, peace lilies, etc. can create a fresh and cool impression in your workspace.

Aside from being a mood booster so that your energy is not quickly drained, maintaining ornamental plants is proven to be able to maintain indoor air quality.

2. Do not overeat at rest

The afternoon break at the office is the most eagerly awaited time. Because you can take a break from work and recharge your energy with lunch, of course.

But, don’t get so hungry you get crazy and eat too much. Because this will make you sleepy quickly, as a result work is not finished quickly.

3. Making infused water

For those of you who have just heard, infused water is plain or mineral water combined with spices, herbs, vegetables, and fresh fruit pieces such as lemon, lime, kiwi, and green apple. So you can make your own infused water at home and then bring it to the office.

Infused water is very beneficial for health, such as helping to smooth the digestive system, detox the body, and can improve mood and energy. How interested in trying?

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4. Enjoy the outside air for a while

Working all day long, sitting in front of a computer screen from morning to evening certainly makes the body and mind tire quickly. So so that your energy doesn’t run out quickly while working, you can refresh your mind by taking a short walk enjoying the outdoor air.

Get out of your work room that feels crowded, grab a snack, make coffee in the pantry, and chat for a while with your other co-workers which has proven to be effective in improving your mood.

5. Bring your own lunch from home

Even if you are busy at work, don’t forget to take care of your health. Now, the next form of self-care that you can try is to bring your own supplies from home. Instead of eating out, there’s nothing wrong with bringing supplies to the office from now on. Make provision with a balanced food composition, that way it will be hygienic and of course can save your expenses.


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