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Selection of the Right Opponent Online Poker Game

Selection of the Right Opponent Online Poker Game – This is a great poker strategy for playing against opponents who are weaker than you by choosing the right live or online poker table.

Okay, so how do you find such an opponent or table to ask? Well, a good strategy you can use here is to find that poker player, who loses money against you on a regular basis.

But before you start focusing your attention on your pokerasia88 opponents, it is recommended that you become familiar with your poker style of play. By knowing yourself, you also know your weaknesses and strengths.

Here are a few things that can help you get to know your playing style:

Think about what type of poker you play. Do you play mostly aggressive, which means you bet, raise and raise most of the time, or do you play more passively, which means you generally check or check and call?

Also consider, how tight or loose is your poker style? If you play a lot of hands (say more than 25% of the total hands at the full ring table), then you can consider yourself loose, but if you play very few hands (say less than 20% of the total hands dealt, even if it is not as strict as you can get too), then you can consider yourself pretty strict.

Now that you know your style of play, think about your opponents in the same concept mentioned above. Do you get more money from passive or aggressive players? Is it easier for you to play against loose or tight players? Why is that?

The main purpose of this concept is to find the edge or advantage you have over your opponents and then use it against them whenever possible. But as said, the first step to this is knowing your weaknesses and strengths. If you don’t know yourself, it’s hard to find the right poker players to play against.


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