Minus Eye Prevention Tips

Minus Eye Prevention Tips – Minus eye occurs because the eyeball is too long or because the cornea is curved too large, so that incoming light cannot focus properly and distant objects appear blurry. Myopia is a general term for nearsightedness or myopia. This pain can be suffered from childhood to adulthood, and can get worse if left alone.

Not infrequently found a small child who already wears glasses to help his vision. Minus eyes do not look at age, because this can be caused by several factors ranging from heredity to habits. However, this minus eye can be prevented by several things. To prevent it, a cause that causes visual disturbances or low vision must be known first.

Causes of Minus Eyes

1. Eyes are too tired to stare at electronic screens and read books

According to the American Optometric Association, someone who spends more time in front of computers and gadgets or spends a lot of time reading without resting, will be at greater risk for suffering from myopia or minus eye.

2. Too Long in the Room

Spending time outdoors can reduce the risk of minus eye. The lighting in the room is usually darker than the natural light outside, so over time the eyes get tired easily.

3. Heredity Factor

The cause of minus eye can be hereditary or hereditary, although the effect is smaller than the visual stress factor, such as being exposed to the screen for too long. If your parents have a history of minus eyes, chances are that the disorder can happen to you too.

Tips to Prevent Minus Eyes

Doing Eye Exercise

The first tips to prevent minus eye is to train the eye muscles with certain activities. Exercise is not only for physical health. But there are some things you can do to keep your eyes healthy and avoid nearsightedness or myopia.

Here are some simple exercise activities that you can practice at home

1. Using Focus to Forefinger

First, sit up straight in a comfortable position. Then point your index finger as far as 10 cm in front of your eyes, and focus on looking at him. Continue to stare at distant objects by glancing at your eyes, not moving your head. Do this step up to 10 times a day.

2. Move the Eyeball

The next eye exercise to prevent minus eye is to move your eyeballs to the right and left. Continued to rotate the direction of gaze or eyeballs and blink about 100 times each day. Movement of the eyeball by rotating clockwise and vice versa, repeated up to 5 times. This whole movement is also good for cleaning and lubricating your eyeballs.

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3. Sunbathing the Eyes

Eye exercise as an effort to prevent minus eyes can be by drying the eyes in the morning before 8 or 9. Look at the sun directly enough to feel warm, then close your eyes. This method also serves to provide vitamin D intake to the eyes.

4. Using Candles

Tips to prevent minus eyes with the next exercise using candle light. Light a candle and stare at it for a few minutes. Hold your eyes not to blink. Continue until your eyes water, then stop. Repeat this process several times as a precaution.

Rest Your Eyes

Tips to prevent minus eye after exercise is to rest the eyes. If your work requires you to linger in the room, then try to adjust the light in the room as well as possible to keep it balanced.

Do you like staring at your smartphone too long before going to bed? Make sure to take a break by looking at distant objects and closing your eyes a few times.

Don’t stare at the screen in the dark

Do you also like to turn off the room lights and stare at your gadget or laptop for a long time? Be careful, because it can trigger minus eyes. Tips to prevent minus eyes can be by balancing the light in the environment with a highlighting screen. If the eyes are forced to stare at the light too strong in dark conditions, it must be more tired, especially with your position while lying down.

Doing Eye Palming

Tips to prevent minus eye that you can try next by resting your eyes with the eye palming method. The method is very easy, just rub your hands until they are warm, then stick them on your closed eyes. Its warm energy will help relax your eyes.

Putting Betel and Cucumber in the Eyes

If you want to make your eyes more calm and comfortable, follow these tips. In addition to preventing minus eye, this method is also believed to be a cure.

Utilizing cucumber, simply by placing it on both eyes while lying in a comfortable place for 10 minutes, this method can restore the freshness of your eyes. Tips to prevent the next minus eye by using two pieces of betel leaf that have been washed clean. Put betel leaf on both eyes before going to bed. Then take it off when you wake up in the morning.

Those are some tips to prevent minus eye naturally and practically for you to try. Maintaining eye health so that it remains normal and as a prevention effort does not make minus eye worse. May be useful.


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