Exercise For Heart Health That Is Easy To Do

Exercise For Heart Health That Is Easy To Do – As one of the most vital organs in the body, the heart must be kept healthy. Disorders of the heart can reduce your quality of life and can even be fatal. There needs to be an effort to continue to maintain heart health through a good lifestyle. In addition to trying to ensure that your nutritional intake is balanced, regular exercise is also a surefire way to improve heart health. In fact, studies show that individuals who exercise regularly can avoid the risk of heart problems by up to 50%.

Exercise for the heart that is no less great is lifting weights. In addition to being effective in shaping and enlarging body muscles, lifting weights at the gym or with dumbbells at home, can nourish our heart muscles!

1.On foot
The first recommended activity is walking, especially brisk walking. The positive thing that comes from doing this activity for at least 20 minutes a day is a steady increase in heart rate. In addition, the risk of injury while walking is lower than other sports activities because the joints of the body are not too forced to work.

As long as you use the right shoes, this sport can be done comfortably. Unfortunately, nowadays many people are walking less, especially those who live in urban areas due to limited access. The solution to overcome this is brisk walking in the room or using a treadmill.

2. Swimming
Swimming is a very good second form of exercise to support heart performance. By swimming, the heart contracts so that the chambers expand and make your blood flow more smoothly. Swimming also helps increase the flexibility of the endothelium or the inner walls of the arteries so that the blood vessels are not easily damaged. Because swimming utilizes all parts of the body, the muscles of the body will become stronger.

The ability to breathe also becomes better because this exercise trains the body to increase the air capacity in the lungs. It is recommended to swim at least 30 minutes a day on a regular basis. Another important thing is to warm up enough before getting into the water.

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3. Cycling
One form of exercise that is fun and worth trying to maintain a healthy heart is cycling. This exercise stimulates the heart to work and also strengthens the muscles. Studies also show that levels of fat in the blood can be lowered by cycling regularly. Cycling also combines the performance of almost all parts of the body so that your muscles will become more flexible. Experts recommend cycling for about 30 minutes a day. Many people have started using bicycles as a means of transportation. Apart from health reasons, this mode of transportation also reduces daily carbon emissions.

4. Weightlifting
If you are interested in not only improving heart performance but also building body muscles, weight training is the right form of exercise. This sport is also suitable for office workers who do not have many opportunities to do outdoor activities.

You can just register yourself to the gym and get guidance from an expert trainer to do this sport. However, weight training also has simple forms and can be done alone at home such as push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. The biggest challenge of doing weight training alone at home is maintaining consistency. At least you need to practice it for 30 minutes a day regularly to get satisfactory results.

5. Dance
Another activity that is good for the heart and fun is dancing. Research shows that people who dance regularly have a 46% lower risk of fatal heart disease. Dancing makes the heart pump blood faster so that the body’s metabolism is maintained. In addition, this activity also makes the coordination of body parts better. Studies show indications that dancing improves the mental health of dancers.

This activity also encourages you to socialize with other people, especially in the form of pair dances such as salsa and tango. There are various types of dance classes that beginners can take. However, you can also choose to do this activity yourself at home for at least 30 minutes a day accompanied by your favorite music.


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