Ethics of Commenting on Social Media

Ethics of Commenting on Social Media – Social Media is one of the platforms that is very popular and used in everyday life, with the active use of social media sometimes there are some impacts.

Today, social media has become an important part of our daily lives. Almost everyone has social media accounts and we can use them for various things. One of the features found on various social media is the comment column. We can use this to comment on the content or content of someone’s upload.

In commenting, we certainly need to be careful. Comments that violate the law can get us caught in the law. However, it’s not just a matter of law, ethics is no less important, you know. What are the ethics of commenting on social media that we need to pay attention to? Here are five of them.

1. Make sure you have read or watched the content in its entirety

In daily communication, misunderstandings can occur if we only listen to other people’s words partially, not as a whole. This can also happen in social media. If we only read, listen to, or just glimpse someone’s content, we may misunderstand what that person really means.

For that, before commenting, make sure you read the content carefully from start to finish. If the content consists of several parts, you also need to listen to all of them. Do not rush to comment before doing so because you could misunderstand and even leave comments that will embarrass yourself.

2. Give comments related to the content of the content

After listening to the content as a whole, make sure you provide comments that are related to the content. Giving out of touch comments is not only useless, it is annoying too. Such comments can annoy other people who are interacting or looking for additional info from the comments column.

This is especially important in content containing news of disaster or grief. If you even make comments that are irrelevant, it is very disrespectful and ethical. People who are grieving can be hurt because you seem to be playing with the feelings of sorrow they feel.

How about promoting merchandise in the comments column? It is fine. However, good ethics is to keep adjusting the content. For example, if you want to sell food, you should do it in content about food. Thus, other people will not be annoyed and may even be interested in buying.

3. Don’t give offensive comments

Another very important ethic of course is the courtesy in the comments themselves. In direct interaction with other people, you can definitely speak politely and not offend, right? Well, apply that too when commenting on social media.

Giving offensive comments is not only unethical, but also has the potential to be brought into the realm of law, you know. Even if the content creator doesn’t mind it, it could be someone else who will take offense and get you in trouble. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

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4. Do not comment repeatedly

Another type of comment that can be especially annoying is repetitive comments. Usually, such comments are brief, but are repeated tens or even hundreds of times. Often times, the goal is to raise a hashtag or topic to make it trending.

You should also avoid such comments. Apart from being annoying, comments like that are useless because they don’t contain any information, especially if the comments don’t connect with the content.

5. Avoid arguing in other people’s comments column

Sometimes, a comment on social media can provoke a netizen debate. Freedom of speech does make it fine for us to argue with other people’s opinions. However, actually, it’s unethical to do it in someone else’s comment column. It can annoy content creators and other people.

Unless you argue with other people on your content or the content itself, that’s fine because you have the right to do so. However, you should not do that in other people’s comments, especially if the content creator does not aim to provoke debate.


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